Superfoods Peru sees US$138 million in Asia Fruit Logistica

Perú presentó para toda Asia su campaña de Super Foods Perú, durante la inauguración de la feria Asia Fruit Logistica que se celebra en Hong Kong. Foto: EFE

00:00 | Hong Kong (China), Sep. 12.

The 70 Peruvian firms participating in this year's Asia Fruit Logistica trade show in Hong Kong would have secured US$138 million in business contacts, Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) reported Monday.

"This figure is proof of the great reception to Superfoods Peru brand by international buyers at the Asian fair," said PromPeru Exports Director Luis Torres.

Blueberries, avocados, citrus fruits, mangoes, bananas, pomegranates, asparagus, ginger, prepared quinoa and frozen fruits were some of the national highlights.

The event also provided the scenario for the presentation of the Superfoods Peru brand in the Asian continent.

The act took place at Sky100 and gathered more than 300 personalities from the food sector and the media, who were amazed by the quality and versatility of Peruvian products. 

In addition, the Inca delegation announced the opening of its Trade Office in Hong Kong (Ocex Hong Kong), which will be joining Ocex Shanghai and Ocex Beijing to address the major Chinese market. 

Peru's participation was made possible by the Association of Peruvian Farming Producers (AGAP), the Peruvian-German Chamber of Commerce, PromPeru, the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry, as well as the Andean nation's Trade Offices in Asian countries. 


Published: 9/12/2017