Peru's Jorge Cori moves forward at FIDE World Chess Cup

LIMA, PERÚ-SETIEMBRE 26. Jorge Cori  Ajedres Foto: ANDINA/Norman  Córdova

15:11 | Tbilisi (Georgia), Sep. 5.

Peruvian Jorge Cori made it into the second round of the FIDE World Chess Cup 2017 by defeating British Grand Master Gawain Jones in a 2-day match.

As is known, Jones was one of the favorite candidates to win the competition.

In the next round, Cori will face Russian Aleksandr Grischuk, World Blitz Champion and —currently— 9th in the FIDE ranking.

On the other hand, Peruvian Emilio Cordova could not defeat Hungarian Grand Master Richard Rapport.

FIDE World Chess Cup 2017 takes place on September 2-28 in Tbilisi. 


Published: 9/5/2017