Peru: Today marks a month since woman's dramatic escape from mudslide

Joven mujer logra salvar la vida tras ser arrastrada por huaico en Punta Hermosa. Foto: Captura/ Facebook

16:51 | Lima, Apr. 15.

Exactly a month ago, Evangelina Chamorro, 32, made worldwide headlines when she emerged from swirling debris after a mudslide swept her three kilometers away in Lima's southern Punta Hermosa district.

The video footage that shows the precise moment Chamorro claws her way out of the mud was rebroadcast on most local and international media outlets.

News networks like CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, The Guardian, The Sun, O Globo, among others, showed the shocking images of the mud-soaked woman being rescued by locals.

Peru’s Health Minister Patricia Garcia visited her at Maria Auxiliadora Hospital, and once discharged, Evangelina spoke to the press to share the most dramatic moments she had ever witnessed.

The brave woman recalled she asked God for strength to not leave her daughters as orphans while lying submerged in the mud. Her husband had been pulled down by the mudslide, but he was rescued long before she escaped.

According to doctors, Evangelina's case is deemed a miracle. Her strong will to live caused her body to produce a number of chemical substances, like endorphin or adrenaline, drawing strength to fight and survive.

Despite the tough time, good news keeps on coming. On Monday, the so-called symbol of life and hope was given a prefab disaster-proof house built using modular technology.


Published: 4/15/2017