Peru Textiles brand to debut at Peru Moda fair

Ministra  prevé mayor impulso de industria textil con Perú Moda y Perú Gift Show 2016

12:06 | Lima, abr. 16.

Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Magali Silva announced that 'Peru Textiles' brand will make its official debut at the 20th edition of Peru Moda, set to take place next week in Lima.

“Peru Textiles will be launched at this year’s edition of Peru Moda and Peru Gift Show fairs. The brand will make a difference as it will be showcased as one about natural fibers like pima cotton and alpaca,” she noted.

“The event will also explore what is being produced worldwide, that is, a blend of natural and artificial fibers,” she continued.

Silva said the contest Young Creators to the World —set to take place during the event— shows there are no restrictions for being creative, even if economic resources seem to be a limiting factor.

Last year’s winner Jose Luis Salinas —who took part in a fashion show during the New York Fashion Week thanks to the sponsorship of Macy’s— will present a selection of his designs at the event.


Published: 4/16/2016