FAO: Peru, leader in South-South Cooperation

LIMA,PERÚ-JUNIO 14. El Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego (MINAGRI) se reúne con los principales agentes y cooperantes internacionales en el Perú. Foto: ANDINA/Diana Marcelo

13:43 | Lima, Jun. 15.

Peru's leadership in South-South Cooperation (SSC) was highlighted by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative in Peru John Preissing.

According to Preissing, it was witnessed through collaboration with diverse regional countries.

In this sense, he stressed Peru's technical support provided to: Haiti in crop improvement practices; Panama in El Niño phenomenon prevention plan; Nicaragua in seed enhancement; and East African countries in quinoa crop tests.

"Peru has been leader in South-South technical cooperation [...]," the FAO officer underlined. 

FAO cooperation with Peru is focused on several guidelines that will amount to between US$5.00-US$10.00 million for the next two years. However, the amount could vary, he noted.

Likewise, he explained Peru's position as middle-upper income country constitutes a challenge to the international cooperation sector. 

"It represents a challenge, since many donors are dropping out [...]. Currently, Peru is rather providing technical support in other parts of the world [...]," Preissing stated. 

Remarks were made within the framework of the launch of the "International Cooperation for Agricultural Development: Assessment and Prospects (2011-2016)" report. 


Published: 6/15/2016