Peruvian runners reach podium at Marathon Des Sables

Más de 300 maratonistas de 40 países vivieron la experiencia de correr 250 kilómetros en seis etapas en los desiertos iqueños entre Nasca y Paracas.

11:41 | Ica (Ica region), Dec. 7.

Peruvian marathon runners Aldo Ramirez and Rocio Carrion gained second and third places, respectively, in their categories at prestigious Marathon Des Sables (MDS) held in Peru.

The event took over 300 athletes from 40 countries through Ica region's Nazca and Paracas dunes for the run of a lifetime.  

The first place in the men's category was taken by Moroccan Rachid El Morabity, followed by Peru's Ramirez (2nd) and France's Erik Clavery (3rd).

In the women's race, French Nathalie Mauclair finished first, ahead of her compatriot Melanie Rousset and Peru's Carrion.

Runners competed in a race of approximately 250km divided into 6 stages in self-sufficiency conditions. 

The competition ended with very tight results and, despite athletes' fatigue, their enthusiasm and joy never stopped until they crossed the finish line.

The marathon 

Marathon Des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) is one of the most demanding long-distance foot races in the world.  

The marathon has been held in Morocco's Sahara Desert for over 30 years, pushing participants to their limit at soaring temperatures that border 50°C. 

As if that were not enough, the race is also self-supporting: participants must carry their own gear and nearly a week's worth of food as they run. 

Over the years, this tough endurance test has become the ultimate trial for elite athletes worldwide, challenging their bodies' and minds' breaking points. 


Published: 12/7/2017