Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet: Preparations for Cusco meeting begin

El presidente Kuczynski y su homóloga chilena Michelle Bachelet, firman acuerdos bilaterales en Santiago de Chile. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

12:05 | Lima, May. 20.

Preparations for the first Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet meeting —set to take place in Urubamba city (Cusco region) on 7 July 2017— began with the appointment of responsible officers.

According to a ministerial resolution, published in El Peruano official gazette, Director-General for the Americas and Director for South America were named Responsible Officer and Alternate Responsible Officer of the event, respectively.

They will play a crucial role in the organization of the bilateral meeting, activities and related-events on July 5-6.

Hosting such binational gathering was one of the agreements reached during President Kuczynski's visit to Chile last year.

Binational cabinets

Binational Cabinets gather presidents and ministers of two countries. At such meetings, they discuss common policies aimed at solving problems affecting their nations, as well as border development policies and bilateral cooperation projects, among other topics.

Peru regularly holds said gatherings with Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador that have led to various agreements for the benefit of their populations.


Published: 5/20/2017