Peru: Qali Warma food program to serve as model to countries such as Haiti and Mexico

LIMA PERÚ, AGOSTO 24. Primera Dama, Nadine Heredia acompaña a la Ministra de Desarrollo e Inclusión Social, Paola Bustamante en la supervisión  de entrega de alimentos del Programa Qali Warma. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

12:33 | Lima, Aug. 27.

Countries such as Haiti and Mexico will use the Peruvian experience on Qali Warma school feeding program, to develop and strengthen their models and thus benefit their children.

During his participation in the 7th Latin American and Caribbean School Feeding Seminar held in Lima, Minister of Education of Haiti, Nesmy Manigat, considered feeding programs for students to be extremely important. These will contribute to meeting the challenge the Central American country faces, which is focused on reaching economic growth, the representative added.

"Our country hasn't a school food program. We are designing a new one, and we want to learn, share experiences and good practices," the official affirmed.

Manigat went on to add the Haitian authorities are currently engaged in talks with their Peruvian counterparts with the aim of receiving technical support.

"We want to take advantage of this opportunity to hold meetings with universities, parents association, because cooperation is not only between the governments, but between the peoples," he indicated.


Published: 8/27/2015