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Lima, Perú. November 21, 2017

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Peru: Natural disasters affected over 1.4 million citizens

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Lima, Jun. 27.
Emergency caused by heavy rains, overflowing rivers, landslides and floods has affected 1,426,753 people, according to the most recent National Emergency Operations Center's (COEN) report.

Natural disasters have left 291,578 victims.

Death toll amounts to 158, according to COEN's document.

Furthermore, damaged homes total 344,696. In addition, the onslaught of nature has led to the collapse of 31,339 houses.

As for transport infrastructure, 6,090 km of rural roads and 4,803 km of highways were destroyed. 

Regarding the agricultural sector, 28,949 km of irrigation channels were torn down.

The report includes events occurred in the period comprised between December 2016 and June 2017.


Published: 6/27/2017
Editora Perú