Peru: National Intelligence Directorate to be temporary closed

Lima, ene. 15. La titular del Consejo de Ministros, Ana Jara Velásquez, descartó hoy que la Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia (DINI) haya participado en los supuestos "repudiables hechos" de espionaje o seguimiento de políticos o exfuncionarios.
Foto: ANDINA/Jhony Laurente

17:40 | Lima, Feb. 09.

The Prime Minister, Ana Jara, announced today the “temporary closure” of the National Directorate of Intelligence (DINI).

The measure intends to proceed with its reorganization, as was agreed in the meeting for dialogue held this morning between members of the Executive Power and Peru’s political forces.

It sought to come to agreements and to listen to other political forces’ proposals.

According to the Prime Minister, in the next days a motion will be sent to Congress. It will establish the National Directorate of Intelligence (DINI) reorganization over a period of 180 days.

The reorganization, according to Jara, will be a duty to be carried out by a group of notable delegates. The move seeks to add “transparency” and “independency” to the process.

Jara indicated a consensus had been reached by all attending representations concerning the need to reorganize the National Intelligence Directorate (DINI).

The move intends to reject “a virtual political use” and to boost its power in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.

The temporary closure will also serve to check: the organization’s audit control, accountability processes, employees’ labor conditions, and to provide it with it “with the [corresponding] modernization a Service of Intelligence requires,” Jara affirmed.

By the end of the national dialogue, the Prime Minister referred the political parties in Congress, and the central government, will coordinate the legal framework, under which the reorganization will take place.

The measure comes after allegations claiming some DINI members may have been implicated in tracking politicians of the opposition and ruling party.


Published: 2/9/2015