Peru: Lima to host 1st Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet in July

LIMA-PERÚ, JUNIO 29. V Reunión del Comite de Consulta y Coordinación Política (2+2) Perú - Chile, con la participación de los Cancilleres y Ministros de Defensa de Perú y Chile; Ricardo Luna, Heraldo Muñoz, Jorge Nieto y José Antonio Gómez. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

10:38 | Lima, Jul. 2.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry has informed the Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet meeting will take place in the capital city of Lima on July 7.

The meeting was initially planned to be in Urubamba city (Cusco region). However, due to organizational reasons, the venue has been moved to the country's most important city.

This decision was taken following coordination with Chile's Foreign Affairs Ministry.
The event was declared of national interest in accordance with Supreme Resolution 132-2017-RE, published May 8 in El Peruano official gazette.

Hosting the binational gathering was one of the agreements reached during President Kuczynski's visit to Santiago (Chile) last year. At that time, officials decided the meeting would take place in June 2017.

Binational cabinets

Binational Cabinets gather presidents and ministers of two countries.

At such meetings, they discuss common policies aimed at solving problems affecting their nations, as well as border development policies and bilateral cooperation projects, among other topics.

Peru regularly holds said gatherings with Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, which have led to various agreements for the benefit of their populations.


Published: 7/2/2017