Peru crowned winner at international Mathematical Olympiad

Escolares peruanos se coronan campeones internacionales de matemática. Foto: ANDINA/Difusión.

17:45 | Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dec. 7.

After having grabbed two gold and five silver medals, a Peruvian student delegation clinched victory at the 2017 River Plate Mathematical Olympiad held on December 2-7.

Success was achieved thanks to the talent and efforts undertaken by nine pupils from public and private schools. 

In this sense, Peru defeated countries such as Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina, the most outstanding nations at the competition. 

The national squad was composed of pupils: Mijail Gutierrez (gold), Roberts Antayhua (silver), Flor Luna, Joseph Altamirano (silver), Eduardo Llamoca (silver), Kenny Espejo, Anthony Yataco (gold), Luis Chahua (silver), and Cesar Gutierrez.

It must be noted the top winners were Yataco and Gutierrez, who achieved the highest score in their categories and thus won the contest's highest distinction.

A new promise

At age 13, Mijail Gutierrez managed to claim a gold medal in his first participation at such Olympiad.

Just like him, pupils Roberts Antayhua, Joseph Altamirano, Eduardo Llamoca and Luis Chahua belong to Saco Oliveros School. On the other hand, Anthony Yataco and Flor Luna attend Prolog School.

As is known, all of them claimed their tickets to the Argentina-based event at the National School Mathematical Olympiad. 

Peru's Education Ministry supported the delegation by covering their travel expenses to attend said competition just as on previous occasions. 

As is known, the River Plate Mathematical Olympiad is a renowned competition that every year gathers the best students from the region.


Published: 12/7/2017