Peru, Chile hold 'two-plus-two' talks in Lima

LIMA-PERÚ, JUNIO 29. V Reunión del Comite de Consulta y Coordinación Política (2+2) Perú - Chile, con la participación de los Cancilleres y Ministros de Defensa de Perú y Chile; Ricardo Luna, Heraldo Muñoz, Jorge Nieto y José Antonio Gómez. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

14:14 | Lima, Jun. 28.

Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministers of Peru and Chile take part in the 5th Meeting of the Committee for Political Consultation and Coordination —known as 'two-plus-two' (2+2) talks— in an effort to promote mutual trust between both nations.

The meeting began at 10:30 AM in the presence of Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Luna and Defense Minister Jorge Nieto, together with their Chilean counterparts Heraldo Muñoz and Jose Antonio Gomez Urrutia, respectively.

The event takes place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry's headquarters in downtown Lima.

During the meeting, ministers discuss ways to reactivate security-oriented cooperation mechanisms, suspended since 2014, when the last meeting was held.

Peruvian Ambassador to Chile Jorge Luis Valdez Carrillo affirmed 2+2 talks represent a starting point for a common agenda.

Valdez noted the importance of high-level strategic talks incorporating top defense and diplomatic officials from both sides, following The Hague's ruling, as they express both countries' readiness to keep working on integration.

"Our countries face common challenges; hence the need to work together. This bilateral meeting shows our willingness and desire to focus on that goal," he was quoted as saying by Andina news agency.

A press conference is expected to follow the 2+2 meeting.


Published: 6/28/2017