Peru burns over 13 tons of seized drug

LIMA,PERÚ-OCTUBRE 11. El ministro del Interior, Carlos Basombrío, asiste a la incineración de 7,763.7 kilogramos de droga, decomisada en diferentes operativos policiales realizados a escala nacional Foto: ANDINA/ Norman Cordova

19:00 | Lima, Aug. 9.

A total of 13,450 kg of drugs were seized as result of several police operations nationwide.

The narcotics were destroyed at the National Police Special Forces Department facilities (former Dinoes) in Lima's eastern Ate district.

Interior Ministry (Mininter) announced such drugs include cocaine hydrochloride (6,307 kg), cocaine paste (3,196 kg), marijuana (2,803 kg), as well as other narcotics as poppy and opiates.

Peruvian police carried out various interventions in Apurimac, Trujillo, Tingo Maria and the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro rivers (Vraem).

These measures are taken according to the comprehensive policy to combat illicit drug-trafficking led by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's administration.

This fight also includes intelligence work, interdiction operations and reduction of illegal coca cultivation, among other actions.

The incineration session featured National Police Director-General Vicente Romero and Interior Ministry representative Carlos Leon, as well as other authorities.


Published: 8/9/2017