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Lima, Perú. December 11, 2017

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OECD: Peru saw noticeable socio-economic progress over past two decades

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Lima, Dec. 4.
During the last two decades, Peru saw a noticeable socio-economic progress, an improved well-being and a substantial poverty reduction, thereby contributing to the growth of the middle class, OECD said on Monday.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) presented the "Multidimensional Review of Peru: Volume 2. In-depth Analysis and Recommendations" at Lima's Universidad del Pacifico (University of the Pacific).

The presentation was led by Deputy Head of the Latin American and Caribbean Unit at OECD Development Centre, Sebastian Nieto Parra.

"Peru's marked socio-economic growth has stood out over the last two decades, thus lifting a large percentage of the population out of poverty and expanding its middle class," he said.

Sound domestic policies

According to the report, this progress resulted from combining sound domestic policies and favorable external conditions.

"Nowadays, Peru must embark on the next chapter of its development, expanding social inclusion, consolidating its middle class and becoming a high-income economy," Nieto pointed out.

Economic diversification

In order to become a high-income economy and overcome the so-called middle-income trap, Peru must diversify its economy, going beyond its dependence on natural resources. Plus, it needs to increase productivity in several sectors.

According to the document, achieving economic and productive diversification, improving transport connectivity, as well as reducing informal employment in the country is advisable to attain inclusive and sustainable growth.


Published: 12/4/2017
Editora Perú