Kuczynski's visit to Spain: Rajoy wants to deepen ties with Peru

El jefe del Estado, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, es recibido por el presidente del Gobierno Español, Mariano Rajoy, en el Palacio de Moncloa. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

03:49 | Madrid (Spain), Jun. 12.

Spain seeks to further enhance relations with Peru, President of the Spanish Government Mariano Rajoy said while welcoming Peruvian counterpart Pedro Pablo Kuczynski at Moncloa Palace in Madrid.

In a tweet, he noted the ties of friendship with Peru, which he referred to as a "brother country."

Likewise, Rajoy stressed Spain is Peru's largest foreign investor, and said bilateral trade was one of the key issues covered at the meeting with the Peruvian leader.

Precisely, President Kuczynski is on an official visit to Spain for meetings with different authorities, including King Felipe VI at the Zarzuela Palace and business people, so as to draw investments.

The audience at Moncloa Palace also features Ministers Ricardo Luna (Foreign Affairs) and Alfredo Thorne (Economy and Finance), as well as Peruvian Ambassador to Spain Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde and International Affairs Advisor Roberto Rodriguez.


Published: 6/12/2017