Finance Minister: Peruvian Economy to grow by 5% in 2015

LIMA-NOVIEMBRE,06.Conferencia de prensa del ministro de Economía y Finanzas, Alonso Segura.Foto: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

17:29 | Lima, Dec. 31.

Peruvian economy will expand 5% in 2015. Its recovery tendency will resume during the upcoming years with higher public and private investments, affirmed Finance minister Alonso Segura.

In remarks to Andina news agency, the minister expressed the latest measures designed and promoted by Peru’s Executive Branch have led to consumer confidence and the improvement of entrepreneurial expectations.

In order to reach a 5% growth next year, fiscal stimulus and increasing public spending are not enough. Consumption and private investment must also be stimulated, Segura underlined.

“The Executive Branch is doing its job and this can be seen in the expectations’ improvement,” the minister said.

In this sense, he urged Peruvian Congress to approve pending legislative motions, belonging to a series of measures, designed by the Peruvian Executive Branch, to invigorate the economy.

“We, the Executive and Legislative [Branches] have to work hand-in-hand,” reminded the head of the Finance Ministry (MEF).

“In December, after announcing the measures composed in the ‘Law that Promotes the Economy Reactivation’ -a bill signed yesterday by the President of Republic Ollanta Humala- expectations and consumer confidence jumped to higher levels, than those reached in July this year,” he emphasized.

Thus, entrepreneurial expectations were placed over the level registered last March.


Published: 12/31/2014