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Lima, Peru. Thursday, July 31, 2014
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14:30 Firefox soon available in Quechua to promote digital inclusion
Lima, Feb. 09 (ANDINA). The free and open source web browser Mozilla has announced on its Peruvian blog that the Internet browser Firefox will soon be available in Quechua.

The translation work will be crowdsourced, and everyone can join the project. The only requirement is to speak or write this language.

Quechua is a native South American language, which is widely spoken in the Andes. In Bolivia and Peru, it is an official language, and there are around 3 millions Quechua speakers in Peru, according to estimates.

As Mozilla points out, this is the result of several factors, starting with the limited access to computers, Internet and electricity in indigenous communities, reported.

This is a vicious circle, as the lack of content available in their mother tongue reduces the chances for Quechua speakers to make the most of Internet and improve their lives.

With that in mind, Mozilla is now partnering with a community called Runasimipi, a project to create open software in Quechua (also known as Runasimi).

On a higher level, its ambition is to promote digital inclusion and democratize Internet access, while making sure that Quechua remains relevant.


Date: 09/02/2012

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