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Lima, Peru. Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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09:50 Campo de Encanto named best pisco in Peru
Lima, Nov. 29 (ANDINA). Campo de Encanto, a Peruvian Pisco conceived in San Francisco by a bartender, a sommelier and a Peruvian master distiller and then handcrafted in Peru, won the highest honor possible for a Pisco: the Gran Medalla de Oro.
Pisco production in Peru. Photo: ANDINA / Archive
Pisco production in Peru. Photo: ANDINA / Archive

Every September in Peru the Comision Nacional del Pisco combs the vast landscape of Peru visiting Pisco distilleries to secure samples of the pure grape brandy for analysis. Considering that there are nearly 320 Pisco producers registered in Peru, this is no small task.

Regional competitions led up to the Grand Championship held in Lima. On November 5th, in front of thousands of Peruvians thirsty for their native drink, Master Distiller Carlos Romero of Ica, Peru and the brand he co-founded, Campo de Encanto, was awarded the Gran Medalla de Oro, the Best in Show, signifying that it is the world’s best Pisco of 2010.

Campo de Encanto is in its first year of release, and is planning to rapidly expand its sales territory due to high demand. “What a tremendous and auspicious beginning!” said Duggan McDonnell, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Campo de Encanto. “We never expected this level of success in our rookie season. Thank you, Peru!”

Peruvians cherish their national drink, defending its nearly 500 years of history with great pride. Peruvian Pisco is the direct descendant of Spanish-Arabic distillation. It was first imported to San Francisco in 1839, before the Gold Rush, when Pisco found a foothold and gave birth to the infamous Pisco Punch -- the cocktail that made Mark Twain lose his cynicism and Rudyard Kipling seek poetic words to match the lyric in the liquid.

What followed in Lima was the Pisco Sour, the National Cocktail of Peru. Today, every quaff of Campo de Encanto Pisco brings it all together: Peru and San Francisco, staid old-vine grapes and the boom of the gold rush, the refinement of a truly superior spirit sipped quietly and the kick-in-the-teeth euphoria of a Barbary Coast saloon.

The accolades for Campo de Encanto Pisco extend far beyond its native soil. “Encanto is simply the best spirit to hit the market in a long while,” said Jonny Raglin, award-winning Mixologist and Saloonkeeper of Comstock Saloon, San Francisco.


Date: 29/11/2010

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