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Lima, Peru. Friday, April 18, 2014
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12:23 Peru's largest water treatment plant to kick off operations on Dec 18
Lima, Dec. 02 (ANDINA). The Taboada wastewater treatment plant in Peru's capital Lima is due to kick off operations on December 18, according to water utility Sedapal's managing director Rossina Manche.

The facility will initially treat 7m3/s of wastewater coming from some five million citizens spread over 27 districts.

In a second phase, slated for July 2013, the plant's capacity will double to 14m3/s, enough to treat 85% of the blackwater collected through Lima's sewer network.

A consortium comprised of Spanish firms ACS and Tedagua won the concession to design, finance, build, operate and maintain the plant for 25 years in February 2009.

The construction phase required a total 416 million soles, reported Manche as saying.

The plant will put an end to the direct dumping of wastewater from eight discharge points leading to the Rímac river and the sea.


Date: 02/12/2012

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