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Lima, Perú. December 18, 2014

Year of Promoting Responsible Industry and Climate Commitment

Peruvian entrepreneurs expect investment to continue growing in 2013

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    Photo: ANDINA/Héctor Vinces


Lima, Jan. 02 (ANDINA).
Peruvian entrepreneurs are keen to continue their investments in 2013, Alfonso Garcia Miro, vice-president of the National Confederation of Private Businesses (Confiep) said Wednesday.
Garcia said that although some mining investments have been delayed last year, there are other sectors that are receiving investments.

"Other investments in Peru are keeping up with the pace and we expect a robust increase in investments in 2013," he told Andina news agency.

He also noted that many other investments have started in 2012 and will generate jobs and higher economic growth next year.

Garcia added that if investments continue and there is no a significant unfavorable fact in the country or abroad, Peru will grow 7 and 9 percent this year.


Published: 02/01/2013
Editora Perú