Peru's Mario Testino to support Piura reconstruction

LIMA,PERÚ-ABRIL 20. Mario Testino presentó libro "77 artistas peruanos".Foto: ANDINA/Oscar Farje

19:04 | Lima, Apr. 20.

Famed Peruvian photographer Mario Testino announced significant financial aid to support reconstruction efforts in Peru's northern Piura region following "Coastal El Niño" phenomenon floods.

Remarks were made during an international fundraising he led touched by recent weather events in his homeland.

"A fundraising was organized and I've decided to allocate this money for reconstruction projects. With so many efforts now underway, frankly, I'd like to focus on this aspect," Testino affirmed in a previous presentation of his book "77 Contemporary Artists" at a museum bearing his name in Lima's Barranco district. 

"I'm not sure how to invest it [the money] yet, but details will be unveiled over the next days. We will meet these days to decide which area to focus on," said the artist. 

The celebrity delivered an affirmative response when asked if Piura will be such beneficiary region.

He went on to recall his post-earthquake relief in 2007, which focused on the reconstruction of a Chincha-based hospital.

The renowned artist carried his book that, in his opinion, summarizes the work of Peruvian Contemporary Art representatives. 

Testino emphasized there is a lot of talent yet to be discovered in Peru and that publishing houses' efforts of this kind give them a chance to move forward, find out what is going on here, and help foreigners explore local art through the book.


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Published: 4/20/2017