Peru’s economy expected to grow over 7% in 2013

Peruvian Lawmaker Fernando Andrade. Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces.

11:12 | Lima, Dec. 26 (ANDINA).

Lawmaker Fernando Andrade, president of Peru's congressional committee on economy, said Wednesday the country's economy is on target to increase over 7% next year.
This will help regain the good performance of the economy this year, when it rose between 6 and 6.5 percent.

Andrade noted that in addition to strong domestic demand and increasing private investment that will continue in 2013, there is a better international climate than in previous years.

He also said that the international crisis seems to be coming to an end with China's economy stabilizing, Europe starting its recovery after going to the bottom and U.S ordering its economy.

"This is important because our main export markets start recovering, and demand for our exports as well," he added.


Published: 12/26/2012