Peru: Welcome to the Red Valley, Cusco's new natural tourist sensation

Conozca el valle rojo de Cusco, la nueva sensación turística natural. Foto: Redes sociales

10:51 | Cusco (Cusco region), Oct. 31.

While best known for its rainbow mountain Winikunka, Cusco's Pitumarca district is becoming increasingly popular among tourists for another natural treasure: its majestic Red Valley.

Pitumarca Mayor Teodocio Cruz Huancachoque Nieto shared with Andina news agency some of the most appealing features of this natural gem, named after its scarlet mountain range. 

Like anything worth having, the Red Valley experience is worth fighting —or in this case trekking— for. However, the breathtaking views make the two-hour trek more than worthwhile.

There is also a highway leading to the area known as Lambramani, from where one can also reach the stunning reddish heights. 

At 5,200 m.a.s.l., it can get rather cold. Yet when temperatures drop, the Red Valley offers a different kind of feast for the eyes: Snow-capped mahogany peaks, much like a larger-than-life red velvet cake iced with white cream frosting. 

Although the Red Valley only welcomes 500 visitors a day (compared with Winikunka's 1,000- 1,500), this number is on the rise, as many tourists now see it as the next stop after touring the seven-color mountain.  

"It is a new tourist attraction that is competing against Winikunka," the Mayor affirmed. 

To meet such increasing demand, tour operators already offer trips to the valley. So, what are you waiting for?


Published: 10/31/2017