Peru President concerned about raid on political party offices

HUANCAYO,PERÚ-DICIEMBRE 07. Jefe de Estado, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, y la jefa del Gabinete Ministerial, Mercedes Aráoz, participan en el “Encuentro de Grandes Ciudades”, en el marco del 4to Muni Ejecutivo. Foto: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

18:23 | Huancayo (Junin region), Dec. 7.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Thursday expressed concern for the raid carried out at two offices of Fuerza Popular (Popular Force) party as part of investigations into Odebrecht's ties.

It must be noted Public Ministry's members searched the offices of the opposition party —led by former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori— under judicial authorization.

"I'm concerned to read that there was a raid on [the facilities of] the political party dominating the Parliament," he stated at a Muni-Ejecutivo (Muni-Executive Power) plenary session in Huancayo city.

In this sense, he explained that just as a driver must respect the traffic rules —the same applies to democracy and justice— we must respect others.

"If we don't respect the due process, we won't be respected internationally, since people will say everyone here does whatever they feel like. It is essential that State authorities —such as the Executive, the Judiciary and others— respect the game rules, otherwise we won't move forward," he said.


Published: 12/7/2017