Peru, one of the countries with highest investment potential

.ProInversión participó en 25 edición de Conferencia Anual de Asociaciones Público - Privadas del Consejo Canadiense.

18:50 | Toronto (Canada), Nov. 8.

Peru ranks as one of the countries offering the greatest Public-Private Partnership (PPP) investment opportunities, the country's Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversion) Executive-Director Alberto Ñecco pointed out on Wednesday.

According to Ñecco, ProInversion has implemented the best practices from the Canadian PPP model, focusing on process efficiency to achieve better project execution and quality.

"From now on, Peru will not only be seen as one of the world's most stable countries, in macroeconomic terms, but also when it comes to investment opportunities and execution," he noted.

Remarks were made during his participation in the 25th edition of the Annual CCPPP National Conference held on November 6-7 in Toronto, Canada's economic capital.

It must be noted this conference is one of the planet's most important events in terms of Public-Private Partnerships (a.k.a. P3) as it brings together investors and the best PPP agencies from around the globe.   


Given the dynamism witnessed in recent months, ProInversion was invited to participate in the session titled "What's hot? What's needed in Advancing International P3 Markets?"

At this session, Ñecco encouraged attendees to take a closer interest in the Inca country's investment opportunities, as part of ProInversion's promotion activities.

"We're going to close the last quarter [of 2017] awarding a project portfolio worth about US$3 billion, which shows the level that the agency is reaching," he said.

"For the coming year, we expect to award [projects worth] around US$5.5 billion," ProInversion's representative added.

Finally, Ñecco highlighted projections are favorable, as a 5-6% annual growth rate is estimated for the last quarter of 2017 and over 4% for next year.


Published: 11/8/2017