Peru: Learn about Mistura's cooking stories

LIMA PERÚ, OCTUBRE 26. Inauguración de la Feria Internacional Mistura 2017 en el distrito de Rímac. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

12:01 | Lima, Oct. 29.

Latin America's most important culinary festival "Mistura" kicked off on Thursday in Lima's historical Rimac district and is expected to welcome some 30,000 attendees a day on its present 10th edition.


The fair's "Pisco Hall" will see the participation of 17 wineries, which won the 23rd National Pisco Contest. 

There, Carmen Robati proudly shows her pisco made from 17 kg of "Quebranta" grapes —grown in Ica region— per liter of distilled alcohol.

To the producers, participating in such international event means an open door to the world, for people to learn about Peru's high-quality products.


At La Caleta pavilion, Lidia Villajuan sharpens her knives to cook the delicacies she will be offering at Mistura.

In the same section, the National Service of Fisheries Health (Sanipes) delegation also explains attendees how to properly recognize fish freshness in a retail market.

For example, they pointed out minus 4 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature to keep the fish fresh.

Likewise, Ismael Rodriguez —from Uchu Fusion restaurant— presents his creation inspired by Peru's national soccer team; that is, Ceviche de la Selección (National Soccer Team's Ceviche), which contains not only fish but also mushrooms, white onions and yellow pepper.

On the other hand, Javier Vargas is the creator of Ceviche Guerrero to honor top striker and hero Paolo Guerrero. Said dish is served with crunchy giant squid and a bit of hot pepper cream.

This Ceviche Pavilion is ready to sell more than 1,200 servings a day.


Lina Carranza serves a tasty Cylinder-cooked Pork with Carapulcra made from quinoa, kiwicha, and wheat. She is expected to sell one 1,000 servings on a daily basis.

On his part, Grover Casas —who has been participating in Mistura for six years— says he managed to sell 4,700 dishes on a day back in 2016.

"This year, we are ready to exceed 5,000 servings," he adds.

Mistura 2017 runs thru November 5 at Club Revolver in Rimac district. 


Published: 10/29/2017
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