Peru: Israeli Ambassador highlights Trujillo's strong growth in agriculture

Embajador de Israel en el Perú, Raphael Singer, visitó por primera vez Trujillo, en la región La Libertad, y realizó varias actividades. Visitó fundos.

17:36 | Trujillo (La Libertad), Nov. 9.

Israeli Ambassador to Peru Raphael Singer met with entrepreneurs and authorities in northern city of Trujillo to articulate collaborative efforts towards La Libertad region's development.

Singer visited agricultural projects and farms that use Israeli irrigation technology (a drip irrigation system) to grow berries and avocados in the area.

"Obviously, we are interested in anything that has to do with irrigation, as well as water management and use. In fact, we joined an irrigation company's representative," Singer expressed.

"However, agriculture is not our only focus, we place emphasis on agroindustry, too," he added. 

Trujillo city and La Libertad region are undergoing a reconstruction process, and the water management issue is of industrial interest to such diplomatic mission.

"Our Embassy is offering several scholarships for government and private professionals seeking training in Israel," he told Trujillo Mayor Elidio Espinoza and La Libertad Governor Luis Valdez.

Regarding irrigation, Israelis are interested in other crops in addition to avocados.

More than 90% of Israeli technology has been invested in irrigation issues, meaning over 100,000 hectares have been planted and harvested using this technology.

For instance, between 50,000 and 60,000 ha were cultivated in the first phase of the Chavimochic project.

On the other hand, the diplomat clarified water and agriculture activities are concentrated in provinces. However, other initiatives are geared towards public safety and innovation.

Also, he noted Trujillo's cultural life and expressed his interest in shaping the city's future in this field, with additional activities such as film/literature festivals and more, just as they did in Lima and Arequipa.

Finally, Singer did not rule out the possibility of opening Israeli eateries in Trujillo, considering a previous experience in Cusco.


Published: 11/9/2017