Peru Gov't submits motion of confidence on behalf of Cabinet

Ejecutivo presenta cuestión de confianza a nombre del Gabinete. Foto: ANDINA/ Difusión

15:50 | Lima, Sep. 13.

Peruvian Government decided to submit a confidence motion on behalf of the Council of Ministers, following Fuerza Popular party's decision to proceed with a censure motion against Education Minister Marilu Martens.

The announcement was made by Peru's Prime Minister Fernando Zavala on Wednesday afternoon.

The Cabinet chief asked Congress Chairman Luis Galarreta permission to introduce the motion before the Parliament this afternoon.

Joined by his entire Cabinet, Zavala admitted he was optimistic about the Executive and Legislative Branches' chances to work harmoniously, for the good of the country, when he called confidence to Congress back in August 2016.

"However, throughout my time in office, different situations have hindered the implementation of State policies, thereby affecting the country's governability," he stated.

Over the past weeks, the country has witnessed an attempt to sabotage the State policy on education —supported by the society— whose main pillars include education quality reform and teachers' assessment.

"There is no going back regarding this policy," he assured.


Published: 9/13/2017