Peru: Dialogue between Gov't and Pichanaki inhabitants has begun

Ministro de Energia y Minas, Eleodoro Mayorga inauguró el Sistema Eléctrico de Calango II etapa, Cañete.Foto: ANDINA/Difusión

12:10 | Lima, Feb. 12.

The government-appointed delegation, headed by Justice Minister, Daniel Figallo, and Energy and Mines Minister, Eleodoro Mayorga, led to the start of a dialogue process between the Peruvian government and the inhabitants of the Pichanaki city (region Junin).

The dialogue pursues to achieve social peace in the region.

The delegation will be in charge of establishing an "open, sincere and democratic dialogue" with the members of the population, which engaged in a demonstration against Pluspetrol enterprise.

At beginning of talks, Mayorga remarked his presence at the site obeys to an order issued by Peru’s President Ollanta Humala and the Prime Minister, Ana Jara. 

"The dialogue intends to understand the concern of the Pichanaki people,” said Mayorga.

According to the Minister, Pichanaki is a city composed of “working people,” who need the State’s support.

He also considered the city’s inhabitants must “keep calm” instead of engaging in violent acts, which avoid dialogue.

On the other side, Minister Figallo regretted the violent acts unleashed, within the last hours, in the city.
He noted the government has decided to conduct a "deep investigation" to clarify those acts.

In this sense, representatives from the Interior Ministry and the Public Ministry have also arrived at the site. Those will be in charge of conducting the corresponding investigations.

The conflict between demonstrators and members of the law enforcement have led to one person dead and others wounded.

The incidents started when members of the community attacked a military base, which they believed was a Pluspetrol camp.

Pluspetrol indicated the base merely provides storage services to the corporation. At its warehouses tools used at the Lot 108-project are stored.

Pluspetrol is one of the private E&P companies in Latin America. It is, at present, one of the largest oil and gas producers in Peru, it is stated on the company's website.


Published: 2/12/2015