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Lima, Perú. November 23, 2017

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Peru: Cusco experts, population work on Inca structure preservation

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    Photo: ANDINA/Difusión


Cusco (Cusco region), Sep. 11.
With the support of locals, Peruvian Culture Ministry specialists carried out maintenance and preservation works in the "colcas" (Inca storage facilities) at Muyu Orqo archaeological site, located in South-Andean Cusco city valley.

Activities included the cleaning and clearing of vegetation covering five stone structures used to store agricultural products during Inca times.

Each colca had a series of humidity insulation air ducts at the bottom to keep the food fresh. 

Cusco Valley Coordinating Archaeologist Ives Bejar Mendoza underlined the pre-Hispanic structures' strategic location for food preservation, as the site presents relatively low humidity compared to other areas. 

Population and experts relied on the support of National Police and Santiago District Municipality authorities who guaranteed their safety in the face of threats by evicted invaders.  

In this respect, Bejar called on "leaders and the population to reflect on the issue and contribute to protecting and preserving our cultural heritage."


Published: 9/11/2017
Editora Perú