Pacific Alliance FMs to assess relations with observer states

PARACAS, PERÚ - JULIO 01. Foto oficial de la Cumbre de Vice Cancilleres Alianza del Pacífico. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

13:25 | Lima, Mar. 16.

Pacific Alliance Foreign Affairs Ministers will gather in Mexico City to assess external relations with the bloc's observer states on Thursday.

The Pacific Alliance is composed of Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, which promote free transit of goods, services, capitals, people and economy within the region.

To date, the regional group includes 42 observer countries; most of them have built working agendas and developed cooperation projects with the bloc in several areas related to education, innovation, and competitiveness, among others. 

"The meeting will be an opportunity to reinforce efforts with these countries, since they are considered a key element in the Pacific Alliance's international projection," the Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry reported. 

The event will feature Peru’s Foreign Minister Ana Maria Sanchez and her regional counterparts Maria Angela Holguin (Colombia), Claudia Ruiz Massieu (Mexico), and Chile’s Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs Edgardo Riveros.


Published: 3/16/2016