One million to join Pope's mass at Las Palmas base in Lima

El papa Francisco, saluda a la multitud a su llegada a Villavicencio en su gira apostólica por Colombia. Foto : AFP

14:03 | Lima, Oct. 4.

Pope Francis' mass service at Las Palmas Air Base in Lima will host nearly 1 million Catholics, Labor Minister Afonso Grados estimated Wednesday.

A report by National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) states that Las Palmas' central area has a capacity of 830,000 people.

However, other areas are currently under assessment in a bid to make room for more attendees.

The newly-picked site has an even surface, which provides additional security in case of emergencies when compared to Costa Verde seashore —another possible scenario. 

Moreover, the standing area will be strategically suited to ensure an adequate response and evacuation if necessary.

According to the head of the Papal Visit Organization Committee, a special area will be set up for disabled people and seniors.

Finally, the government official stated its portfolio works closely with local governments and Peru's National Police to make the Papal visit a huge success.


Published: 10/4/2017