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Lima, Perú. December 17, 2017

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Odebrecht case: Joint investigation teams to have full autonomy

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Lima, Feb. 17.
Joint investigation teams, composed of General Prosecutors and Attorney Generals from 11 countries targeting Odebrecht bribery, will have full technical autonomy and functional independence, Peru's Public Ministry said on Friday.

The government agency referred to the Brasilia Declaration signed on Thursday, which promotes the creation of bilateral and multilateral joint teams to investigate the Odebrecht case. 

The agreement stressed the need to consider other mechanisms of international legal cooperation and be committed to pursuing broader, faster and more efficient cooperation in the case under investigation.

The Brasilia Declaration was inked by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela, which came together to promote exchange of information and cooperation.

According to Peru's Attorney General Pablo Sanchez, the document will develop a broader, faster and more efficient international legal cooperation over the case, and stated prosecutors made a joint commitment after almost seven hours of hard work.

Prosecutors assessed corruption cases involving Brazilian firms, international cooperation, as well as legal and political implications.


Published: 2/17/2017
Editora Perú