Non-traditional fishery exports up 22% in July 2017

Pota, uno de los productos más demandados en Corea del Sur. Foto: ADEX.

19:50 | Lima, Sep. 13.

Exports of Peru's non-traditional fishery products reached US$84 million last July, the country's Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported Wednesday.

The result accounted for a 22% increase over the same month last year. 

Growth was mainly underpinned by greater sales of frozen and canned giant squid, thus marking 12 months of continuous growth.

In general terms, export volume and price expanded 14% and 7%, respectively. 

In the analyzed month, China (300%), Thailand (95.5%), Russia (39.3%), Spain (31.5%), the United States (11.4%) and Japan (5.2%) received higher shipments of Peruvian products. 

As per regions, the greatest demand came from Asia (37.4%), North America (11.2%), South American trade bloc Mercosur (23.3%) and Andean countries (5.8%).


Published: 9/13/2017