Missing Canadian tourist rescued in Peru's Alpamayo mountain

Rescatan a una turista canadiense extraviada en el nevado Alpamayo, en Áncash. ANDINA/Difusión

13:34 | Huaraz (Ancash region), Oct. 31.

A Canadian citizen, who got lost as she attempted a solo ascent of Alpamayo mountain in Ancash region, was rescued by Peruvian Mountain Guides Association (AGOMP) guides.

Sara Murphy (18) went missing on Sunday, October 29, after she headed to Alpamayo's base camp on her own. The young woman fell ill on her way there. 

As soon as they were alerted by Murphy's relatives and friends, AGOMP rescuers began the search in the location known as "Vientunan" in the Cedros-Alpamayo route (Caraz province). 

Fortunately, the rescue brigade managed to locate her yesterday at around 11:30 hours. The tourist was found exhibiting dehydration symptoms and minor wounds, but was stabilized immediately. 

National Police agents arranged for Murphy's transfer to Huaraz city. 

The Peruvian Mountain Guides Association regretted Murphy's recklessness, as she risked her life by trying to climb the peak without an experienced professional guide. 

Climbing the Alpamayo, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, requires the guidance of an experienced professional. 


Published: 10/31/2017