Junin bakes Peru's largest loaf of Tanta Wawa bread

16:53 | Junin (Junin region), Nov. 2.

Junin province staff baked Peru's largest loaf of Tanta Wawa bread on the occasion of the Day of the Dead.

Tanta Wawas —Quechua word meaning bread (Tanta) and babies (wawas)— are made of wheat flour, maca, and other Andean ingredients.

This one, in particular, was christened "Shimona."

The 10-meter-long and 2.5-meter-wide loaf was displayed at Junin's main square in the presence of more than 2,000 people. The presentation was held by Mayor Percy Chagua Huaranga.

Afterwards, Chagua handed out the bread to the population and visitors throughout the event. 

According to organizers, this tradition pays homage to dead loved ones, including those who died in the Battle of Junin and exemplary citizens who contributed to the province's progress.


Published: 11/2/2017