FIFA explains how Peru revived World Cup qualifying campaign

LIMA,PERÚ- OCTUBRE 11. Formación titular de la selección peruana de fútbol. Foto: ANDINA/Luis Iparraguirre

18:23 | Lima, Nov. 10.

FIFA official site has listed four reasons behind Peru's revival after what first seemed to be another disappointing qualifying campaign for the Incas.

Players extol Gareca 

One of the reasons the portal gives for such a change in the team is that players themselves recognize their coach's hard work and responsibility for their resurgence.

"He's coached in Peru before, and he knows how good our players are. It didn't take him long to get us believing again, both on an individual and a team level. He restored our confidence," Peruvian midfielder Yoshimar Yotun told prior to the final two matches in the South American qualifiers.

Picking the right formation

The FIFA article explained the many formation changes Ricardo Gareca had to make before his team found its equilibrium at the 2016 Copa America Centenario.

Skills on the field

The third reason has to do with what actually happens on the field. The referred piece of writing examined the role of each player in the qualifying campaign by summarizing their skills.

Supporting each other

Gareca's squad have proved to be very supportive. They help one another when it comes to replacing their colleagues, without complaining when losing their spots in the starting line-up. 

This has helped Argentinean coach shape the 10th-ranked team Peru currently enjoys, the one that is about to face New Zealand in a playoff tie to secure a place at Russia 2018 World Cup.


Published: 11/10/2017