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Lima, Perú. May 24, 2016

Year of Grau’s Sea Consolidation

Arequipa volcano in pre-eruption, Peruvian scientists warn


Lima, Mar. 25 (ANDINA).
Peruvian scientists have warned that Arequipa’s Sabancaya Volcano is currently in a pre-eruptive stage.
According to Domingo Ramos, head of volcano monitoring at Peru's Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Ingemmet), Sabancaya’s activity has led the agency to issue a yellow alert.

“We have already talked with local authorities so that they can warn the nearby population, about the volcano’s status, and how to prepare before an eventual eruption,” Ramos said according to the daily.

Sabancaya, he said, is currently emitting large plumes of smoke, and is seeing between 300 and 500 seismic movements, Peruthisweek.com reported quoting Peru21.

Fredy Apaza, a chemist at Ingemmet, said the signs of continuous gas release indicates that magma is rising to the surface, but said the agency was not yet able to estimate how much magma could be on the way.

“That’s why Ingemmet has installed volcanological equipment and telemetry in strategic points at Sabancaya, we expect results within 15 days,” he said.


Published: 3/25/2013
Editora Perú