428 foreign nationals granted Peruvian citizenship in the last 12 months

428 ciudadanos extranjeros se nacionalizaron peruanos el último año. Foto: ANDINA/Difusión.

18:22 | Lima, Dec. 29.

A total of 428 foreigners have become Peruvian nationals since December 2016. Many received citizenship because they married a Peruvian partner, whereas others were children born abroad to Peruvian citizens.

This figure poses a significant increase compared to the January-November period last year, when citizenship was granted to more than 200 individuals.

In total, 227 individuals come from South America (53%), 81 from Europe (18.9%), 48 from North America (11.2%), 45 from Central America (10.5%), 14 from Asia (3.3%), and 13 from Africa (3%).

It is worth noting 294 of them are spouses of Peruvian citizens, 124 were born outside Peru to Peruvian parents, eight opted for naturalization, one for dual citizenship, and one for recovery of citizenship.

Most of the new citizens come from Venezuela —the majority were born in the Caribbean nation to Peruvian citizens— Spain, the United States, France, Cuba, and Argentina.

The remainder came from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Rwanda, Lithuania, Nigeria, Turkey, and Algeria, among others.

Today's naturalization ceremony was presided over by Superintendent Eduardo Sevilla. He administered the oath to 18 individuals from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, and Venezuela.


Published: 12/29/2017