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Lima, Peru. Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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12:04 Two new geoglyphs found in Nazca, Peru
Lima, Jan. 18 (ANDINA). Two new drawings on Peru's Nazca Plateau, which is designated as a Unesco World Heritage site for its gigantic lines and geoglyphs, have been discovered by a team of Japanese researchers.
The Mysterious Nazca Lines.
The Mysterious Nazca Lines.

The team, led by Yamagata University professor Masato Sakai, said the newly discovered geoglyphs appear to represent a 4.2 meter long, 3.1 meter wide human head and a 2.7 meter long, 6.9 meter wide animal.

In 2006, the same research team announced the discovery of some 100 new geoglyphs on this plateau, many in the form of straight and triangular lines.

Yoichi Watanabe, the dean of Yamagata University's Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, said the new geoglyphs were found about 10 km from northern Nazca where gigantic geoglyphs of fish, animals and insects are located. A temple is located near the site of the new discoveries.

Located in the arid Peruvian coastal plain, some 400 km south of Lima, the geoglyphs of Nazca and the Pampas of Jumana cover about 450 sq. km and were added to Unesco's World Heritage list in 1994.

Scientists are divided on the origin of the giant drawings with some saying the desert was an ancient temple and others  calling it an ancient cosmodrome.


Date: 18/01/2011

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